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Can't experience 0 Phoenix Nirvana 0 how can 0 really return to heaven

To be dead and to be reborn is to know what return to zero is

Human beings should learn not to be empty in the face of the epidemic today

Does collective reflection on what to do requires a full awakening

Why does nature come up with this test question? Is it just for that

Always let you not be quick, always let you not always

I don't know how to respect heaven, but I don't know how to respect heaven because I'm too arrogant

That's why I indulge my desire, and I'll indulge it

Why do you always talk about atheism because you're afraid of retribution

To deceive oneself and deceive others is to hide one's ears and steal one's bell

Technology has reached the quantum age, you dare say there is no spirituality

If you don't experience nirvana, of course, it's easy to breed Zen disease

Random interpretation is like interpreting Buddha dharma as if you know everything

It's not until nature repairs you that you know what a headache is

If you press down the gourd ladle and get up again, the gourd can destroy your nerves

You want to ask why, because you love to show off

If the law of attraction is vague, you can think of a mirror

Because life is a mirror, you are dazzled by it

Drunkard is easy to meet drunkard, caterpillar is the most likely to meet caterpillar

Why can congeniality intersect and correspond with gas phase and sound

It's all Buddhism that makes friends with me. I don't trust you

Nature has a way to stay with you no matter how hard your scalp is

If you want to hit the south wall at any time, it's hard to break the hole

How many capable people become wimpy? How many are predestined

Why can't we completely reflect on what we should do

How do you think of yourself? In fact, it's just two lengs in the world

How can you be really Wukong if you've never been possessed

Three dimensions are difficult to understand, four dimensions are difficult to understand

A level of realm, a layer of heaven is also said to be the hero of the grass

Man is so strong to be the king

Who knows the lack of the three noble, so the Qing army sobers you up

The key is to respect the people

If you can do this, you can't be fooled by the beauty

Historical plays are performed every day. I don't know how to make trouble

Can you really benefit the country and the people? Can you really clean your body and mind

You can't rely on Lai's red chamber, which means you haven't lost Yingming

Otherwise, they will be trapped in prison

Even if your plan is careful, it will fail in the end

So no one can escape retribution regardless of your plan

Cause and effect cycle is not perfect, accurate in place is the criterion

Still calling for atheism. What is Deyou

Monitoring has captured the soul, and the quantum is working

If you want to pretend to sleep, you must be a fool

Also want to go to harm the country, not afraid of fate will be more holes

How many rats are crying out there? Can we not create justice

Let someone get rich first, black cat and white cat, which don't understand

It's too hard to understand the government's open mind

How can there be no retribution for digging up the corner of socialism

If you dare to be greedy for poverty alleviation funds, you will be stunned

Leng is to spoil that Ford, Leng is to become a bear

Leng is in that hurt relatives, Leng is in that collective daze

Forget the original heart, where there is still time to talk about the mission

Broken into a broken shoe, is infinitely tossed by the desire

Desperate for soap bubbles, and finally got black and blue

So the hand of God of pestilence will help you brake to avoid indulgence

It's a pity that no one can understand the way of heaven, so we have to continue to make you sick

It will not be possible to regulate until the global reflection of the whole people

The stall economy is for the people, but the people like to indulge

Driving a luxury car to join the fun makes the street into a alley

Impetuous, impetuous and impetuous, it is difficult to revive the development

Therefore, we must purify the people's minds and dilute those seven Leng and eight Leng

Leng is to do not know the height of heaven and earth, Leng is in that disorderly management

With the help of monopoly, bullying the market, and playing with desire there

These are all Communist tumors, which must be eliminated skillfully and comprehensively

Otherwise, the martyrs would not agree to let the mountains and rivers fluctuate

Fortunately, the near Ping Keqiang will certainly adjust the society

The happiness of a country with strong culture is also the key. Who will promote culture

Is it just more stage setting or reciting four books and five classics

Why was it that the ancients could recite things like a stream from back to back

It is because of the lack of nirvana to see through the rites of life and death

How much knowledge turns into knowledge obstacle, and how to be clear-minded

So culture has to innovate to lead the world

Big country culture, happy culture is playing this role

Break through all religious barriers, regardless of national boundaries or ethnic groups

The whole world can be happy to clean up the epidemic

Understand the heart of heaven, understand the will of heaven, follow the trend and take the golden mean

After understanding Laozi and Confucius, Shiga and Jesus will respond accordingly

Now that you're so fantastic, all the myths are compatible

Since then, the blue planet of Antai has become more civilized

Everyone can be open-minded and the world can certainly be the same


Ha ha ha

The Millennium epidemic is like a stubborn disease, almost no drug treatment

Therefore, it is necessary to harmonize Yin and Yang and activate one's own integrity

Strengthening the body and eliminating the evil, strengthening the foundation and cultivating the yuan

If so, you can reduce your troubles; if you do, you can get benefits

Experience the Phoenix Nirvana and crack the meaning of life

Is it just to live, or just to be naughty

Eat and not be hungry, and pursue the so-called fun from generation to generation

Wine, sex, wealth, qigong, fame and wealth

So we have to turn around, put down the butcher's knife and understand the nature

Carry forward the culture of great powers in accordance with the trend, be happy to enlighten and clear up grievances

Everyone can understand each other and help each other becomes necessary

If so, disputes can be reduced, and if so, heaven and earth can be respected

If it is ecological, it can be ideal, and if it is, it will enjoy infinity

The unity of man and nature no longer want to be naughty

After finding the parents of heaven and earth, the world is the truth

What East and West are brothers

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2020 11 23

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